Will The SAG Strike Ruin Comic Con?

One thing that we haven't talked much about on /Film is the looming SAG strike (the contract expires on June 30th). And truth is the strike might directly effect your fandom more immediately than the writers strike. Our friends at Collider point out that the strike could mean that any actor with a SAG card would not be allowed to promote anything that has to do with a movie studio property. The first effected event will be the San Diego Comic Con which is coming up in mid-July. If the strike happens, this means that none of the actors will be present for the panels.

But is this really a bad thing? I've always found the actors to be the least interesting thing about Comic Con. I've been to countless panels with fangirls asking their favorite geek idol for a photo, or to name their favorite color. The biggest thing to happen at last year's comic con was the Iron Man panel. Sure, Robert Downey Jr was there, but what amazed the crowds was the early trailer footage and Jon Farveau answering some questions from the fans. But then again, I have always found an interview with a writer or director ten times more interesting than most average Q&As.

Sure, part of the excitement of going to Comic Con as a fan is to see your favorite stars up on stage answering your questions, but I think we'll just have to make due with Zack Snyder showing us some Watchmen footage, or JJ Abrams premiering a new Star Trek movie trailer (and NO, I have no inside info, I'm just speculating at what might happen). And even if the strike does happen, its not like attendance will be down. Four-day tickets to the convention are already sold out in record time. It will be crazier than ever.