Funny Games With The All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Movie Poster

It seems very clear to me that movie studios don't have any clue how to market any of Jonathan Levine's film s so far. I've been waiting to see All the Boys Love Mandy Lane for what seems like forever. It has suffered delay after delay. And the current plan is to release it in August. I think Senator is hoping that the buzz from Levine's second film The Wackness will direct filmgoers to Mandy. One thing is for sure, this gritty rip-off of the Funny Games poster (which premiered on Shock) probably isn't the right direction. I mean, how much money did Funny Games make exactly? $1.29 million?

Film Blather says "What distinguishes it from the slasher flock, however, isn't its kills, but its smarts: the extent to which it taps into the high school psyche and recontextualizes its usual sex-alcohol-and-drugs temptations." Cinematical's James Rocchi calls it "the best modern slasher flick since Scream." Watch the first ten minutes of the film on YouTube.