Anna Faris And Sam Rockwell To Make Linda Lovelace Biopic Inferno

Slashfilm is so tawdry today. The last time I recall reading about Inferno, the Linda Lovelace/Deep Throat biopic with Anna Faris set to star, Vulture was getting lashed by Faris's dad for making bad puns. Faris now tells MTV that the film, a seedy departure for the goofy comedienne (Smiley Face, the Scary Movies), will likely begin shooting this summer with Slashfilm fave, Sam Rockwell (real name), apparently aboard to play her husband.

"I'm going to do ['Observe & Report' with Seth Rogen] first, and then hopefully we'll get together for the summer. ...You're not going to even know who I am," she half-joked. "I'm not there right now, but I will be when the time comes. I'll be in a very dark place."

The movie will be directed by newcomer Matthew Wilder (real name) whose quasi-Philip K. Dick (real name) biopic, Your Name Here, starring Bill Pullman (real name/bad pun) opens this year. We'll post the trailer for that one shortly. It's jammed econo with enough '70s duds, nude hugs and drugs to light a path for Inferno's American tale of kinky debasement, relentless exploitation and sniffled redemption.

In her early 20s, Lovelace (real name/bad pun, Linda Boreman) starred in Deep Throat, the lil' porno funded by the mob that became a worldwide theatrical/socio-political sensation in 1972. Its broad influence was examined in the 2002 doc, Inside Deep Throat. She was married to two guys widely described as abusive sleazebag opportunists (Rockwell would play the second one), and later led an anti-pornography crusade of sorts, decrying that much of Deep Throat was filmed against her will. She died in 2002, the result of a car accident. The subject matter isn't too fresh, but I think Faris would be enticingly insane for this role, far stranger than Val Kilmer as John Holmes in Wonderland.

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