Visioneers Movie Trailer (Recommended...For Your Health!)

Let's make this movie a hit. Master of boiling, paralyzed rage and sorrow, comedian Zach Galifianakis, stars as the lead character, George Washington Winsterhammerman, in the true-blue indie, Visioneers, from first time director Jared Drake and writer Brandon Drake.

At this point, I'm supposed to shield the trailer from the words "quirky indie blah blah" and reassure you that even though the film dissects mundane office life in America (...yet again) it can still be a winner and spew originality like lava on a Tiki-themed putt-putt course. But I'm not. Because seeing Galifianakis reinvent the middle finger, rock a Founding Father wig/regalia, destroy paper towels during a perfunctory existential meltdown, and conjure John Belushi's heady energy circa "Donuts of Champions" in a trailer to a feature film makes me very freaking happy.

[flv: 470 260]

Visioneers just played CineVegas and the buzz is thick. Click here for further info, and here for info on the film's fictitious Jeffers Corp.Discuss: Anyone lucky enough to have seen this at CineVegas or the SIFF? Here's a "Between Two Ferns" clip with Galifianakis vs Michael Cera.