Four Talking Posters From The Spirit

When I first heard that Yahoo had talking posters from Frank Miller's The Spirit, I thought to myself "Cool, this is the future of movie marketing". I mean, eventually one-sheet displays will be replaced with flatscreen televisions which can easily switch in and out various movie posters. Say a screening of The Happening just gets out, the theater can load movie posters of films that people who went to see an M Night movie would also enjoy. As you leave The Dark Knight, posters from other comic book movies would light your path of exit. And this new technology would allow for animated and interactive posters.

So when I clicked over to Yahoo I was very disappointed to find four standard character posters. The talking gimmick is just a gimmick. You move your mouse over a poster and a sound clip from that character is played. Sure, it's interaction, but pretty lamely executed. I was expecting for the characters to come to life. I was expecting their lips to move. Was I expecting too much? Check out the lameness for yourself on Yahoo. Or you could star at the four posters above and pretend they are saying the superimposed quotes. It's probably just as good.