Rumor: Josh Brolin To Play Snake Plissken In Escape From New York Remake

The curse of One-Eyed Willie...

UPDATE: The reader consensus seems to be 1) no, it's not cool, this remake is utterly pointless and a disgrace, 2) where the hell will Snake "land the glider," 3) Brolin is too old (not really understanding this one), 4) FTW, John Carpenter and Kurt Russell should team up to make Escape From Boston or Escape From Earth (good to see our readers' idealism staying strong!).

This rumor is a wild red hair that sprouted from the pale leg of Spielberg News, but we'll entertain it for now because it's late at night, this remake is happening, and the casting would be pritty, pritty good. In a role that would nicely connect the eye-patched dots to his salad days on The Goonies, actor Josh Brolin is rumored to be the top contender to play dystopian, one-eyed rogue, Snake Plissken, in the planned remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York. Throughout the end of last year, Gerard Butler (300, The Game) was attached to Plissken, as were directors Brett Ratner (we coined it Escape From Brett Ratner) and Len Wisemen (Live Free or Die Censored), both of whom are no longer in the equation (thanks). This is how the site's scoop translates from French to English...

"It is our scoop of the week. A source close to the production (if so) has assured us that it is now Josh Brolin to be in the running to take over the role of Snake Plissken in the remake currently in draft New York 1997."

There are a lot of top actors taking on genre fare these days, but we've always been keen on Brolin for hypothetical franchise roles like Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake. Whereas the success of Butler's casting as Plissken would be fully realized only by a really cool director, Brolin's involvement, if it pans out, would give the remake unforseen cache. Though New Line is dismantled, the remake is purportedly going ahead, so we'll update accordingly. Brolin will next be seen on screen this Fall as Dubbya (he botched a lay-up) in Oliver Stone's W.

Discuss: Would any of you be upset if this was true? It'd be pretty cool, no? Okay, people are mad down below. Let's say this remake happens no matter what: who would you choose?