Alexandre Aja's Mirrors Movie Poster

Shock got their mitts on the first one-sheet for director Alexandre Aja's latest horror film Mirrors. Though the poster's design and imagery are standard for the genre, at least it doesn't lack creepiness. We posted the teaser trailer and linked a superior video clip last week, and reader response was justifably mixed. And we should point out that, according to Aja, his film is not a remake of the Korean supernatural flick, Into the Mirror, though it's still being frequently reported as such on the Nets.

Kiefer Sutherland stars as a mall security guard who sees dead people (not in the Haley Joel Osment-way) and, need I tell you, freaky, knife-wielding reflections. Expect to hear a more solid Net consensus about the film after next month's Comic Con. Twentieth Century Fox allowed Aja final cut, complete with his preference for the ending, so I remain optimistic that this will be an above-par and fun effort. As it stands, the marketing could work harder to make the film, set for August 15th, stand out from endless Grudge retreads.