Friday The 13th's Camp Crystal Lake Sign

Even though Slashfilm didn't make it out to the set of the Friday the 13th reboot (what happened Platinum Dunes?!? Grrrr), we remain stoked on what we've seen and heard from our peers, including the one who watched his first F13th ever right before the visit. ;)

In keeping with tomorrow's festive date, Bloody Disgusting has revealed the first photo of the Camp Crystal Lake sign from the 2009 effort and it rocks, silently hinting at many a twisted tale before it while exhibiting the knack for careful detail, fun and tone that's been praised by bloggers thus far. (Slashfilm commenter/snarkologist "gocitizen" says that I sound like The Onion. Basically, the sign is cool enough to consider yanking it off a tree and throwing it in a friend's car if nobody was looking. Better?)

Of note: the reboot's last day of filming down in Texas is tomorrow, while the release date is set for Friday, February 13th, 2009. I might fire up one of Jason Voorhees's cornerstones of the American film diet tomorrow night on a moderately snowy VHS tape with a nice Pabst. Do any of you have a similar tradition or related plans?

Discuss: Did you have a Jason facsimile that was said to haunt your summer campgrounds? My camp was terrified by Hatchet Man, who was fond of moonshine, the neighboring girl's camp (that may have been nonexistent), and questionable relations with bear cubs.