This Guy Adam Beach To Star In Live-Action Turok Movie

There is white lightning shimmering on the Internet prairie today, as Turok, the Native American comic book hero/dinosaur hunter/video game is apparently headed to theaters in a live-action feature film. Actor Adam Beach (real name), best known for his roles in Flags of Our Fathers, Windtalkers and one of the Law & Orders, tells MTV that he's set to star as the character after voicing him in this year's animated, straight-to-DVD Turok: Son of Stone.

"We just finished the animated movie and now we're going into the feature film movie [which should lens] hopefully in a couple years. We're about to set up meetings to develop a script and put it out there," Beach enthused. "I'll have to beef up, and be a good guy, and save the world!"

Beach didn't talk directors, but he did extend on his admiration for the character. This is understandable, my closet back home has admired several Turok Valiant comics for years (who needs a 401K when you have scratchy hologram covers?).

"He's the first Native American superhero that I ever looked up to," he said. "He basically [comes from] a family where they're protecting our universe from an alternate universe that wants to take it over. He uses his wits, and his might, and his special bow and arrow to take over the world."

For the rest of the day, try ending all of your quotes to the press with "world." Dedication. So, is this good or bad news? FirstShowing poetically points out, " one wants to see a weak ass dinosaur hunter," and something about Beach makes me think of A Sound of Thunder, a movie universally recommended to annoying kids by over-it clerks at video stores. Of course, with the right director, this film could be John Sayles's Jurassic Park IV that never was. Will Turok win at Hollywood's high adventure slots? We'll find out in a few years. In the meantime, I'll be following Wizard's price guide wearing post-grad war paint.

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