Geek Deal: Watch Disney/Pixar Movies Online For Free!

Did you know that you can now watch Finding Nemo online? Yes, the entire film! And I'm not talking about Bit Torrent, I'm talking about free and completely legal! Taking a cue from, Disney has decided to begin streaming movies that air during the Saturday Night Wonderful World of Disney presentations. You will be able to stream the movies anytime in the week following the network presentation on I'm not sure what the exact quality of the stream is, but I'd guess that it was close to DVD quality. Upcoming films include Monsters Inc. (June 16-20), Haunted Mansion (June 30-July 4), Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (July 7-11), Princess Diaries 2 (July 14-18), Freaky Friday (July 21-25), and Peter Pan (August 4-8).