/Filmcast Episode 2 - Rambo

In this episode of the /Filmcast, Dave, Devindra, Adam, and Peter, debate the merits of Sex and the City, lament the Universal fire, pore over the Lost finale, and discuss the nihilistic themes of Rambo. Special guest Myles McNutt joins us from Cultural Learnings and Alex Billington joins us from Firstshowing. Have any questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to e-mail us at slashfilmcast@gmail.com.

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Show Notes


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  • (02:00) A note from Peter
  • What Have We Watched

    Peter: (04:10) Attempted to see Sex and the City

    Devindra: (05:30) Sex and the City, City of Men (Movie)

    Myles: (13:22) Lost

    Adam: (28:15) The Strangers, Teeth, Rambo: First Blood, [Shit Movie of the Week] Diary of the Dead

    News Discussion

  • (41:18) Universal Burns
  • (43:20) Brett Ratner to Direct Beverly Hills Cop 4 and God of War
  • (45:45) MTV Movie Awards
  • Never Back Down wins best fight scene?
  • What's the point of "Best Summer Movie So Far" award?
  • Tropic Thunder "viral" video
  • (51:35) Burn After Reading Trailer
  • (54:56) Zack and Miri Make a Porno Teaser
  • (56:32) Details emerge on Alex Proyas's "Knowing"
  • (59:05) Tobey Maguire Still Spidey For Now
  • Features

  • (65:34) Rambo
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  • Cultural Learning's review of the Lost season finale
  • Masswyrm's review of Sex and the City
  • John Mueller's Rambo kill chart