New WALL-E Trailer With Live Action Humans?

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Disney has released a strange new trailer for Pixar's WALL-E. "Meet The Bots" introduces us to the many bots we'll meet in Andrew Stanton's film. The strange part is that it begins as a promotional video from the Buy N Large Corporation. For a few seconds we get to see what live-action humans look like on the luxury starliner (before they became giant couch potato blobs, or course). It looks very Happy Feet-ish.

Stanton confirmed last year at WonderCon that "There is a live action element involved" but wouldn't reveal more, only insisting that "We're not doing anything like Happy Feet." Fred Willard later revealed that he appears on a television monitor as the live-action spokesman of Buy N Large. So it's clear that the human characters that left earth use to look like live action humans (as opposed to the animated Captain played by Jeff Garlin). And we have since seen that WALL-E watches a live-action version of the musical Hello Dolly in his trailer full of human collectibles. So I'm very curious to see if this is actually part of the film itself.

Thanks to /Film Reader Dustin R for sending over the tip.