Lou Ferrigno Lends Voice To Hulk; New Trailer Unleashed

During The Incredible Hulk panel at the New York Comic Con, director Louis Leterrier asked the original tv hulk Lou Ferrigno to give an on-stage "audition" for a chance to provide the big green guy's voice in the new movie. It seemed like one of those staged bits just to get Ferrigno to yell out "Hulk Smash!" for those in attendance. But apparently it was legit, and Lou Ferrigno's voice is in the new film!

"Lou did this amazing, 'Hulk smash!'" producer Gale Ann Hurd told Variety. "And (director Louis Leterrier) said, 'Come in, we'll record you next week.' Everybody thought it was either a staged event or we wouldn't really do it. But the next week Lou came in in L.A. and his voice is the voice of the Hulk."

Meanwhile, a new trailer for The Incredible Hulk titled "Awaken" can be found on a new Best Buy promo DVD, which is free with select DVD purchases. A not so great looking copy has shown up on YouTube (found via AICN). Watch it embedded after the jump!

The Incredible Hulk hits theaters on June 13th 2008.