20 Robots In Transformers 2? Jail Break Planned?

Transformers 2 screenwriter Roberto Orci has made an interesting comment on Don Murphy's message board:

"I'd love and think we could almost barely manage ten on each side, with some front and center and others as more supporting."

Translation: There will be almost 20 Transforming Robots in disguise in the upcoming Michael Bay sequel!

Despite reassuring comments from Bay himself, fans have been worried that the sequel would be more human focused than the original. But I'm not quite sure packing the film with 20 Transformers is a step in the right direction. The biggest fan criticism of the first film was that not enough time was spent with the Transformers as personalities. And now with almost 20 of them on the big screen, alongside the bevy of human characters, who knows if the sequel will be any different. On the other hand, this could mean more big robot action sequences, which is always cool.

Also this just in... /Film Reader Jason X sent this in [SPOILER WARNING]:

"My girlfriend works at Eastern State Penitentiary in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. It was used as a prison from 1829 until 1971, and is now a historical site and museum. Anyway, at the prison today producers for Transformers 2 were on site with scale models of Megatron, Optimus Prime and Star Scream and were scouting filming locations in cell block 1 and the prison kitchen. Just thought I'd let people know that filming should begin here soon."

So looks like we can expect a big giant robot jailbreak.