Michael Bay To Blow More Stuff Up In Transformers 2

The neighbors of the Transformers 2 Bethlehem Steel movie set have gotten a letter from the location manager warning them of, among other things, "large scale pyrotechnics". Yes that's right folks... As expected, Michael Bay will be blowing more s*** up in the Transformers sequel, beginning next week (Not that anyone was expecting anything less...). You can complain all you want about Michael Bay, but one thing you can't deny is that he knows how to blow s*** up (see the awesome highlight video from last year). Thanks for /Film reader Ironhide for e-mailing us a scan of the letter, which also gives us a look at the film's in-production logo. Simple but very cool. Phone numbers have been blurred to protect the production team from prank calls. Click below to enlarge.

Transformers 2 letter