Cool Stuff: Ghostbusters Uniform T-Shirt

Last year we wrote about the Suit-able Star Wars t-shirts, basically they were a version of those screen-printed tuxedo t-shirts, but instead of the tux, it featured the iconic uniforms of some of the classic Star Wars characters. They now have done the same thing for the Ghostbusters. The Venkman Uniform Ghostbusters t-shirt lets you look like Dr. Peter Venkman in his jumpsuit. Turn out the lights, and glow-in-the-dark slime spots appear, probably from when that ugly little spud Slimer got him in the first movie. Available on 80's Tees for $26.00.

Update: It appears the "/Film Effect" has caused 80s Tees to completely sell out. A quick google search pointing me towards Stylinonline, which appear to be selling the same shirt for $24.00.

Cool Stuff: Ghostbusters Uniform T-shirt

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