MGM Wants More Rocky Sequels?

During a presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, MGM chairperson Mary Parent mentioned that the company is toying around with the possibility of making more Rocky films. Parent's big buzzword of the presentation was "franchise". And she believes Rocky Balboa might have some more fight in him before he calls it quits for good.

Why? Why! WHY!?! Doesn't MGM understand that Rocky Balboa was the perfect conclusion to the series? Usually I'm more than willing to give a heartfelt sequel a chance, but the idea is just ridiculous. Hopefully Sylvester Stallone won't be baited by a cash grab. On the other hand I wouldn't be against a Rocky spin-off starring Rocky's son Robert Jr. (played in Rocky Balboa by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia). But even then I'm not sure what they would hope to accomplish.

indiewire via moviehole