Back To The Future Sequel Rumors Squashed

Not that anyone was expecting the answer to change, but Back to the Future co-writer and producer Bob Gale has again put sequel/remake rumors to rest.

"Let me answer one question before anyone asks it, which is, 'Is there ever be a Back To The Future Part IV...No," Gale told the crowd of the 5th Annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival. "We've all seen sometimes where they make one too many sequels and you say, 'Maybe they shouldn't have done that.' I'm not going to name any names of movies, but you know what they are!"

As a huge fan of the Back to the Future franchise, I respect the stance everyone involved with the films are taking in terms of sequels. The series works remarkably well as a trilogy, and having a fourth film could only feel like a tacked on post it note. That said, I'm eager for a new generation to discover the Back to the Future films. I've noticed that less and less of the new generation has even heard of Back to the future, never-mind watched the trilogy. And with the closure of Back to the Future – The Ride at Universal Studios, I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

It would be great if they could find a way to remake the movies for a new generation without it feeling like a sub par copy of the originals. But that's probably not possible. Maybe a theatrical re-release might be another option. With digital cinema expanding in the numbers that it has been (primarily due to the popularity of 3D), I'm surprised that studios aren't doing more big screen re-releases, as the costs would be minimal. Or perhaps they could give Back to the Future the post production 3D treatment that has been discussed for the Star Wars films. That might be the best way to reach the new generation.