Quentin Tarantino Announces Inglorious Bastards For 2009!?!

Let's go to the tape from Cannes! Shortly after a giggly French interviewer hands him a video camera and requests to "directed," Quentin Tarantino is asked what his next film will be. Will it be Kill Bill 3? Kill Bill 4 (those silly Frenchies!) No, he says, it will be Inglorious Bastards...coming to Cannes in 2009?!?

"Oh, yeah, no. The next movie I'm doing is my WWII movie Inglorious Bastards. I actually just finished the first draft of the script and when I go home I'll be finishing it up...and if all goes well [pregnant pause] I will be here 2009 at Cannes with my war film INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!!! [applause]."

So, yeah, this is an official announcement of sorts from QT, not a misquote. He's being translated, but you can hear his words verbatim underneath. Now, is it humanly possible to make an epic WWII movie without an official cast from a script that still needs polishing, and, um, without all that mandatory WWII stuff and deliver it by this time next year? [crickets]

But over on Twitter, the consensus is "asshat." Peter even calls the man a "compulsive liar." But, um, dudes and ladies, Quentin Tarantino is writing/directing an R-rated war film that will kick your our asses and it finally sounds like he's revved up, if obeying an alien calendar. If you're going to keep him in your mental Gimp box, at least throw some confetti on top. I'm looking forward to it, and by "it" I mean Chinese Democracy.

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