It Happened: R.Kelly's Lawyer Uses "Little Man" Defense In Court

Note to self: Must download Photoshop, arggghh. The Sun Times reports that a lawyer for troubled r&b godsend and aspiring Batman, R. Kelly, has used the Wayans Brothers' masterpiece, Little Man, in court to explain why it might not be Kells on that infamous, illegal sextape...

[R. Kelly's attorney], in an attempt to suggest that Kelly's head could have been superimposed onto somebody else's body in the sex tape, asked [gal on witness stand] whether she had seen the Wayans brothers' movie "Little Man."

[Attorney] said, "They put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didn't it?"

But, to widespead laughter, [gal on witness stand] replied, "Not really!"

Everyone let the person nearest you pinch away. Got tickets to the trial? Our desktops are littered with privy movie scripts that we're just dying to trade!

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via Vulture [thanks!]