History Of "A-Frame" Movie Poster Design

The magazine, Print, has compiled an excellent and diverse selection of movie posters featuring the campy, cliche, classic A-frame design. Check it out (pulp novels, DVDs, and ZZ Top are also included). It's an interesting look at how gender has been universally portrayed in pop culture up to the present (not much has changed, add Kal Penn and stir): a woman's legs in the A-frame position usually connote domination and empowerment over a puddle of males, and lots and lots of sex; whereas a man's legs in the A-frame usually express the desire to kill women, and sometimes, as in the case of Westerns like 3:10 to Yuma, men. Who ever said Hollywood and the human mind were creatively bankrupt? What a genius. I've included my faves from Print's selection after the jump.

Discuss: Can you think of any A-frame posters that are missing? What's your favorite?

via NYT's Paper Cuts