Mel Brooks On Get Smart

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting interview with Get Smart creator (and did I mention comic genius) Mel Brooks. Here are a couple highlights:

"Someone called me up and said, 'They're making a movie of 'Get Smart.” I said, 'Oh, really? What are they going to call it?' They said, ”Get Smart.” I said, 'That was wise.' Because they did do a movie based on 'Get Smart' about 20 years ago called 'The Nude Bomb'. I said, 'That's foolish.' ... I had nothing to do with it. They never even called me! This one, they called me from Day One. They said, "What do you think of this?" Or "What do you think of that?" And I'd say yay or nay. ... It's got a good director, Peter Segal. Wonderful director. The writers were great. The producers were young and aggressive and smart. But the brilliance is Steve Carell. To choose a guy who's right in the Don Adams groove. You couldn't get a better guy than Steve Carell. And yet he doesn't do Don Adams. He does none of his delivery. He just does Steve Carell."

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