Clint Eastwood Says Dirty Harry 6 Will Never Happen, Ever

Even though far more people believe in Sasquatch and Reptilians than in the chance that a Dirty Harry 6 starring Clint Eastwood would see the light of day, the man himself finally killed the fledgling rumors for good. Cinematical reports that when Eastwood was asked at Cannes, where he's promoting his well-received and reviewed Changeling, about the possibility of a long goodbye for Harry Callahan, it went down a little something like this...

"That is not correct," said Eastwood. Angelina Jolie then quipped, "I am!" and Eastwood fired back with a laugh, "Yeah, Dirty Harriet, starring Tomb Raider."

Next up for the Hollywood legend is Gran Torino, which we have described as "a 'coming of age buddy comedy' between an old fart (Eastwood, no offense) who cherishes his titular muscle car and a young, troubled Asian kid who tries to steal said car to impress a gang." Eastwood will direct and possibly star. Give me an old geezer mowing down punks with a .44 Magnum any day, FTW.