Christian Bale Signed For All Three Terminator Films

As if there was any doubt, Halcyon Pictures honcho Victor Kucibek confirmed today that Christian Bale is signed on for not one, but three Terminator films. I'm pretty sure most people already knew that. McG's Terminator 4 will begin a three picture story arc about the future war between man and machines. Bale plays John Conner, the leader of the human rebel faction. Sam Worthington is the star of the new trilogy, as Marcus, one of the survivors fighting the machines under Connor's leadership. Anton Yelchin is also on board as Kyle Reese.

You can make all the snide comments about McG that you want, but it's obvious to me that Halcyon has really thought this one over. This is not just another sloppy sequel. They have hired a team of talented actors and have a gameplan to do what few franchises have done before this time. You can say that George Lucas planned for six (or if you read old interviews, nine) Star Wars films when he went into production on A New Hope, and you can tell me how The Wachowski Brothers supposedly had a plan for a trilogy of Matrix films, but I just don't buy it. I'm sure they had a tentative treatment of things that would happen, but the resulting films prove that it wasn't a well written plan (for example: The Leia kiss). With this new Terminator series, we're talking about a story told over the course of three films. Think Lord of the Rings. Imagine all the possibilities. Put your pessimism away for a second and think about how cool it could possibly be.

source: BBC