Indiana Jones 4 Movie Reviews

You will be able to read my review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull later, but for now let's take a look at what the rest of the movie critics are saying:

"I can say that if you liked the other Indiana Jones movies, you will like this one, and that if you did not, there is no talking to you. And I can also say that a critic trying to place it into a heirarchy with the others would probably keep a straight face while recommending the second pound of sausage." Roger Ebert

"This is a 90-minute story pumped up to 123 minutes, not so much on steroids as on Frappucino, and the chance sing the old four-note tune again." Lisa Schwarzbaum,

"KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL is very much an Indiana Jones movie and it's a really hard movie to dislike. Everybody is having a ton of fun and it is really infectious. The film has its weaknesses, though." Quint, AICN

"There's a lot of magic in this film. A lot of it. I don't think you have to be a chapter and verse fan of Indiana Jones to love it. Yes, LOVE IT. I think you just have to let go, believe and be willing to have another adventure with INDIANA JONES… because nobody, anywhere does it like Indy." Harry, AICN

"Once you get past the initial reintroduction, though, it's obvious that this fourth film in the Indy series really has no idea where to go. Except for the opening – which literally starts the film off with a bang – and a couple of dazzling chase sequences, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is about as unfocused and meandering as the title itself." Christy Lemire,

"If only Steven Spielberg had said "No thanks, George, I'm not into corpse fucking." Then a trusting, wide-eyed, helplessly nostalgic audience might've been spared the shockingly listless spectacle that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." "Everyone who's written a positive review of this movie will regret it in a year." Jeremy Smith, CHUD

"If you want to get prepared for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, don't go back and watch the other Indy movies. Pull out The Lost World instead. Both films are directed by the same Steven Spielberg – bored, only mildly engaged and seemingly going through the motions. In both cases the result is superior to your average dumbass summer blockbuster, but when weighed against Spielberg's filmography and the previous films in the franchise comes up sorely lacking." Devin, CHUD

"There's an unsettling amount of science-fiction in this Indy film and I don't want to say who included it but my guess is that he may have raped your childhood back in 1999 (unfortunately, the statute of limitations has run out so tough luck). And yet, considering the time period of the 1950s and the space race with the Soviets (the new baddy army now that the Nazis are kaput), science fiction elements don't automatically ruin this film but their inclusion is just sloppy and in bringing Indiana Jones out of the 1940s, they've lost the reason for why they brought him into existence." Matt Goldberg, Collider

"He may be more grumpy and he may not be much of a dresser, but the glimmer hasn't entirely gone out of Harrison's eyes." Josh Tyler, CinemaBlend

"...wraps up in a spectacle of fantastic implausibility. You can't go into this movie expecting anything but. This is the ride you paid for, and by god, I'm happy this ride exists. So, you go with it, and you aren't disappointed most of the time." Matt Dentler, indieWIRE

"This is the Indiana Jones film people have been waiting for." Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"The ”Crystal Skull” managed to capture that magic again in a way that sequels (especially long awaited sequels) very rarely do!" Captain Cumquat, moviehole

"The rollicking set pieces of Crystal Skull are filled with joy and are a much-needed lesson to younger directors on how to shoot action. Rather than just throwing CGI clusterbombs of explosions at the screen in an attempt to make the audience go "Wow" due to sensory overload, Spielberg structures his set pieces like a finely-oiled machine. They have beats of action and dialogue which build upon each other and keep building, to the point that you're out of breath when they finally end. None of the action sequences quite hit the level of the giant rolling ball of the Lost Ark opening, but the car/truck chase through the Amazon is a classic of its type – more enjoyable, in my opinion, than the truck chase in Lost Ark." The Hollywood Interview Terry Keefe

"For the hardcore Jones fans, this film was never going to live up to expectations. One cinemagoer leaving the first press screening in Cannes said: "George Lucas, you gotta stop hurting us". But this is no Phantom Menace or Godfather III. The quality control has been maintained, despite the 19-year wait. And as Indy himself says, "I dunno kid, it's just a story."" Mark Savage, BBC

"Indy 4 has all the sharp writing and set design of the previous installments, but a failure of scope makes the movie seem small, and diminishes the wonder." Ken Lowery, Pop Syndicate

"Loaded with moments referencing the earlier films and full of action sequences that don't measure up to past highlights of the series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crustal Skull feels simultaneously self-conscious and self-satisfied, as if a little warm glow of past glory will soothe our bumps and blows from the clumsiness of the script." James Rocchi, Cinematical

"If this film had been called by another name, and the lead character was named "Edward Cummings" or something like that instead of Indiana Jones, I probably would have walked out of the theaters saying "You know what, that was a pretty damn good (not GREAT) movie". But as an Indiana Jones film… one we've been waiting 20 years for, I can't help but feel a little let down by it. Don't get me wrong, I still think it was a pretty entertaining movie and well worth going to see… but it never felt like an Indy film to me, and it certainly wasn't great enough to be worthy of the "Indiana Jones" name." John Campea, The Movie Blog

"The big question probably on a lot of people's minds is, "does it ruin the series the way George Lucas' Star Wars prequels raped the magic of the Skywalker tales"? and the answer is no, but it doesn't really elevate the series in quality either." The Playlist