Cool Stuff: Star Wars R2 Droid Shampoo Dispensers

NCS is selling Star Wars R2 Droid Shampoo Pump Dispensers. Taking a detour from conventional designs, these liquid dispensers may be filled with roughly 6 ounces worth of shampoo, creamy lotion, or liquid soap. R2 can leave the bathroom and even be used to water small plants or spray your cat in the face. The choice is up to you. The Droid Shampoo Pump Dispensers come in four different models, shockingly none of which sport R2D2's paint job.

From left to right from the photo above: R4-P17 (red/white), R2-Q5 (black), R2-A6 (green/white), and R2-R9 (red/silver). These are not the droids you are looking for . . . but if they were, they could be had for $18.00 per dispenser.

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