Video Game Review: Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz

With the success of the movie board game Scene It? and it's exclusive video game on Xbox 360, it was only a matter of time when we'd see a copycat game on another system. Well, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) and it's hit trivial "Buzz!" games we now have "Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz" for the Playstation 2.

When you first see the display box, the first thing you'll notice is that it contains four of its own controllers. Each controller has a large red button, much like something you'd see on Family Feud. Bellow that, four small rectangular buttons. Each with it's own color (blue,orange,green,and yellow). Obviously the goal was to give you a game show feel while playing. Luckily, each controller is connected together to one USB port-meaning you can also play this on the PS3.

When you boot up the game you'll notice the host looks somewhat like a 3-D Philip from South Park. But less funny and more annoying. A lot like Ryan Seacrest actually.  What's even more upsetting is he'll say the same thing over and over. Nothing will ever change. This can easily get REALLY annoying. The game in total has seven different rounds with seven different types of games. Some good, and some well...not so good. Here are a few examples:

Faster Finger: Each Contestant studies a photo of either an actor or a scene of a movie. The game will give you four multiple choice answers. The faster you choose the more points you receive. Very meh.

Fact or Fiction: Yup you guessed it, as well as my least favorable round. Listen as "Mr Ryan Seacrest"  will give hollywood info and you have a 50% shot of getting the answer right. Each answer results in Points. JOY!

Pie Fight: This one can be fun. The first player to answer a question right has the ability to throw a pie in someone's face. The more pies you hit, the better chance they have getting eliminated for that round. This can bring out some good fighting words between you and your buddies.

The Final Countdown: This one is by far the funnest and the most intense.  This round can also either screw you or maybe even help you. You see, the game is not like Jeopardy or most game shows. All the points you've gathered give you a better chance on winning. During the round there'll be a series of questions. The longer you take, the more points you'll loose. Yes, the same points that you earned all through the game. In theory, the last place contestant (usually my girlfriend in my case) still has the chance on winning.

Overall the game in fun when you have a few people over your house. Although, I couldn't see myself play more then 2-3 games a night. WARNING: If you're socially unacceptable in this life, stay away. In the single player mode you only can play two games. All in all, for only $29.99 and have a few friends over who are also movie buffs, it can be worth your time.

/Film Rating: 7 out of 10