Transformers 2: Isabel Lucas In, Teresa Palmer Out? Di Bonaventura Confirms No Broadside; Bay On The Actors Strike

Last month it was reported that Australian hottie Teresa Palmer had been cast in Michael Bay's Transformers 2. Bay denies the casting on his personal blog, claiming that "Teresa Palmer was not considered for a role."

To complicate things further, IGN is now reporting that another Aussie actress Isabel Lucas (pictured right), has been cast in the role of Alice in the sequel. Lucas is a newbie, and will be seen in the upcoming vampire flick Daybreakers, and the HBO miniseries The Pacific. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura promises that the big casting announcements will be made over the next several weeks.

"Ultimately, we'll have a couple casting surprises for everybody soon," the producer told MTV. "Michael's got some really great stuff planned."

Last year Michael Bay told reporters that he has "an amazing idea" for a transforming aircraft carrier but it was "just too expensive" for the first film, but teased that it might be featured in one of he sequels. When asked if Broadside would make an appearance in the sequel, di Bonaventura said:

"We never really talked about that, practically speaking," he said. "There was some Japanese animated movie we saw where that occurred, and we were like 'Wow! Look at that thing!'"

Transformers 2 is scheduled to begin shooting in early June, if the actors don't go on strike. Bay lashed out against the strike yesterday:

"Oh my god. SAG wants more than Directors and Writers? That's a smart tactic I guess. When are people going to understand, most importantly actors – we are at war – we are facing a major recession – our country is in dire need of being fixed – our country also has no money because we have given trillions to the Iraq war and we have NOT even started to pay for it – it is just paid right now by printing more money on presses – China owns our ass in every way. Why not strike on a business in a down fall. Just like the writer's they made pennies on the four extra months striking – when you do the real math and they are paying the price for it still – so many writer's out of work still!!! I want this business to thrive – I know the studio heads and they will punish those that defy them. Okay, be an idealist – but you will never get a better deal then the writer's or directors – only the same – the studio's will never allow it, don't kid yourself. The working actors don't want a strike – they have said so. Too many non working actors have a say which is crazy – maybe there are just too many actors?? Gosh I'm even a member of SAG, but I don't feel I've earned the right to vote in this guild. One hunch, the leaders of these guilds seem to like the limelight they get in the press, it becomes more about the ego in the room rather than something smart. Striking is not smart. Through the history in America, strikes in businesses have only gained the union worker 6% at the max – so take the emotion out of it and go for the 6%. A path to strike is not smart for the the hundreds of thousands of people in this business. Sanity needs to prevail here – talk real and talk the same talk as your union brothers – not more!"

Let's hope this strike doesn't happen.