Jerry Bruckheimer And Michael Bay Adapting Cocaine Cowboys Into HBO Series?

I just got off the phone with cool Miami-based film producer, Alfred Spellman, in an attempt to get some concrete information about Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay adapting his and director Billy Corben's acclaimed '06 documentary, Cocaine Cowboys, into a new dramatic series for HBO and Warner Bros. You see, last night Variety published a very loose news item announcing that such an A-list project could be in the works with said talent. Spellman didn't reveal much, but I did get him to admit he was siked. Go me. As he should be. His company, Rakontur, has Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin' with the Godmother due in June from Magnolia, and, as we previously reported, a feature film adaptation of CC is in the works from director Peter Berg with Mark Wahlberg set to star (and Leonardo DiCaprio involved in some capacity).

The mind races thinking about Bay and Bruckheimer being hands on with an '80s period, Vice City-set HBO series filled with drugs, hot (hot, and hot) cars, South Beach trim, Escobar offspring, and gunplay. Alongside Showtime's Weeds and AMC's Breaking Bad, this series would complete TV's drug diet. Variety reports that no writer is currently attached, but adds that Bay and Bruckheimer have been circling the project for quite a while. More on this if and when it develops...

Discuss: Does this sound like the bread winner HBO is currently missing? Does a gritty antithesis/'00s bookend to Miami Vice sound appealing?