And Then Hollywood Pointed And Said "Why Not?": MacGyver The Movie


Right now, there are two beloved /Film readers at opposing ends of the MacGyver spectrum. One is planted in a computer chair bathing in the brain light of the largest makeshift explosion known to man and the other is thinking "EPIC FAIL" and then typing it in the comments with the eerie calm of having just completed a hate manifesto. Gizmodo reports that MacGyver creator/writer/badass Lee David Zlotoff is planning a big budget MacGyver: The Theatrical Movie. Zlotoff managed to retain the rights years ago, no doubt using duct tape, wire and a Pabst can in the process. I need a nap.

And no, I'm not leaving the fans of Richard Dean Anderson hangin' with a box of tissues, but Zlotoff didn't specify whether the man who inspired SNL's MacGruber would be back as Angus. My guess? Haha followed by a sigh. Then again, Anderson has his long running, geek-centric Stargate gig and starred in an unbelievable seven seasons, letting his signature character rest after 1994's TV movie MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday. Zlotoff said he'll have full control over the film's direction, so expect a similar tone to the series (not really sure what that tone was to be honest) and not a tepid summer comedy starring Matthew Broderick. More on the new MacGyver as it develops; ignore that loud ticking sound in the meantime. Thanks to /Film reader Jonny of the web famous love nest RedandJonny for the tip.

Discuss: Yes, MacGyver is too good for Page 2. Who should play the mulleted, manly wiz in a feature film? How about Tom Selleck? Anyone have a good MacGyver joke/pun? I clearly do not.