Eli Roth Not Ditching Horror

Last week it was reported that Eli Roth was going to make a PG-13 mass-destruction movie. All the AP-wires ran the story with the headline announcing that Eli was leaving horror behind. Apparently that isn't exactly true after all. Roth is making a PG-13 film, but has no plans of ditching the horror genre.

"As soon as I saw that headline I just thought 'I should've kept my mouth shut.' That one headline went all around the internet. A headline that nasty is not only untrue, it makes it seem like I'm like spitting in the face of everyone who's ever supported me," Roth wrote on his blog. "While the reporting was fair and I like the journalist, I can just see some editor coming up with a spin about how I 'ditched horror,' just to get people to read the story."

And regarding Roth's future projects, the Hostel director sets the record strait:

"The mistake that studios make is that films get watered down or castrated to fit a certain rating, and that rating doesn't necessarily best serve the story. "Hostel" would not have worked as a PG-13 movie, because a very important ingredient to the story is the violence. A film like "Cloverfield", in my mind, was the perfect PG-13 movie, because it was really scary, it had a good amount of violence, but just the shot of the girl's chest exploding in the tent was all you really needed. It wasn't about the gore, it was about the monster. We got in a conversation about "Transformers," which I loved. Those are two films that had mass destruction and chaos and were very fun PG-13 films. "Iron Man" is the latest example of a great PG-13 film."

"I'm only going to make ideas that excite me. Period. Some of those ideas are R rated, some of them are G rated, and some of them are in between. Some ideas are horror, some are comedy, some are sci-fi, some are animated. Some ideas are feature films, some are shorts, some are not even film ideas. I've never locked myself into making one thing except the ideas that excite me. I'm in a very fortunate position that I have the luxury of choosing what project I do next, and I'm only going to do an idea that I'm so fired up about it won't let me sleep at night."

And guess what folks... Roth can't sleep at all lately....

"I've had crazy insomnia working on this new project. Major announcement coming soon. Stay tuned."

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