FYI: First Blood Returns To Theaters On May 15th. Rambo Dies. :(

Why not? On May 15th, Sylvester Stallone's Rambo will die for the first time on the big screen in 430-plus theaters around the country. Yes, 1982's First Blood will have a digitally re-mastered one-off showing complete with the alternative ending that, in a parallel dimension, left no sequels...and probably no Slashfilm. I kid. Included in the screening is a special "never before seen" interview with Stallone in which he'll extend his arms countless times to emphasize the film's "epic" creation and grin somewhat painfully while reminiscing, I imagine. We've pasted all gazillion of the participating theaters after the jump because we like ya. And click here for more info. Oh yeah, and O'Doyle Rambo rules.

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