JJ Abrams On A Cloverfield Sequel

I heard a couple months ago that a Cloverfield sequel had been put on the backburner. With the recent release of the DVD, talk of a Cloverfield sequel has begun to reappear. Producer JJ Abrams tells G4's Attack of the Show that they have a good idea:

"There is a couple ideas that Drew Goddard , the writer, and Matt Reeves have that are pretty fantastic. So we're playing around with some ideas and obviously if it isn't something that really excited us and inspires us, we won't do it. But there are some good ideas out there."

When asked if the second film would be shot using the first person video camera style employed by the first film, Abrams replied:

"It could. I think it's a valid style," Abrams continued. "I think as a gimmick, people have already seen it, so if you're going to do it, you have to do something unique with it."

Abrams also confirms that there is absolutely no connection between LOST and Cloverfield, as he called the use of the Dharma logo a wink to his friends working on the popular sci-fi television series. You can watch the full interview with JJ Abrams below.