Uwe Boll Challenges Michael Bay To Death Match

Hack video game movie director Uwe Boll has had enough of AWESOME Hollywood action director Michael Bay's disrespect, and has challenged to the Transformers director to a 12-round boxing match to settle it all.

[flv:http://media2.slashfilm.com/slashfilm/trailers/bollvsbay.flv 368 208]

"Michael Bay responded to my note about him in a very insulting way for me. He said that he doesn't care about me and this was very insulting because I care about him and I think that with the money he has for his movies, he sucks big time. I think it's time to meet in the ring actually.

So it's my message to Michael Bay, Michael, in between your pool parties in LA or your casting sessions with the strippers you should start training now. And I'm sure you look good, you look thin. I saw you at the Hollywood Film Festival, I think you're a fit guy and you do like private karate bullshitAsia bullshit crap fighting stuff in LA where you think you're super cool that you do that with your 500 bucks trainer everyday.

So let's meet in the ring in September or October. Pay-per-view. Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas. Twelve rounds of boxing. Boll against Bay. And it's also independent against the studio system and I think that this day in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas we will clear it up who is not only the better director who is also able to fight more for that what he wants."

Discuss: Who would/should win in a fight between Boll and Bay?

source: movieset

photo credit: defamer