Dark Knight Viral: Operation Slipknot

The Dark Knight viral game has returned with an e-mail assignment from Commissioner Gordon:

From: Jim Gordon

Date: Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 11:36 AM

Subject: Operation Slipknot

To: /Film

OK friend, you're up to bat now. You have yourself a new assignment: Operation Slipknot.

Wanted Poster

The Operation Slipknot website appears to be a hub for tracking down the corrupt Gotham City police officers. Informants who receive packages can put in their information to help nail the suspects. If you click on the "Assignment" button, the following text appears:

Gotham Police Major Crimes Unit, in cooperation with the GPD Internal Affairs Division, needs you to help track down numerous offenders that are fugitives from justice. Interestingly, we've tracked all of these individuals to the same last known location: Gotham Intercontinental Hotel. But we don't know where they've gone from there.

Call the hotel and convince the concierge to ship you a certain package that's been sent there for each fugitive. Use the provided intel and whatever means you can to convince him that you're the intended recipient, your travel plans have changed, and he needs to send the package to you. Once received, you should have all you need to fill in the blanks as to that fugitive's location.

We will add details about additional fugitives as they become available. Time is of the essence, as we have only a short time before the trail runs cold. Your cooperation in this operation will go a long way. Good luck

You have your assignment... Let's get going folks!