The Onion: Chuck Berry Remembers Call From Enchantment Under The Sea Dance

Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance

The Onion is on a roll recently with movie related news stories. First we had news that the Iron Man Movie Trailer was to be Adapted Into a Feature-Length Film, and now news that Chuck Berry Remembers the infamous call from his Cousin About a White Kid Playing Johnny B. Goode.

In a shocking revelation that turns a half century of rock-and-roll history on its head, legendary musician Chuck Berry recalled Monday how he got the idea for his iconic song "Johnny B. Goode"-believed for decades to have been written by Berry himself-after listening to a white teenager playing it over the telephone. "I'll never forget that night back in 1955 when I got the call from [cousin] Marvin [Berry] saying, 'Chuck, this is that sound you've been looking for!'" recounted Berry, explaining that his cousin was playing an "Enchantment Under The Sea"â€"themed high school dance when the mysterious teen, Calvin Klein, took to the stage and single-handedly invented rock and roll as we now know it. "Marvin held up the phone and I heard the song that would make me famous. Then I stole it."

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