Movie Critics Rank 88 Minutes One Of The Worst Films Of All Time

We have a winner! Columbia Pictures's 88 Minutes has been voted one of the worst films of all time by movie critics., which compiles reviews from movie critics around the world, has ranked the film at #3 on their All-Time lowest review scores – a 2 out of 100. Currently only Pauly Shore's Bio-Dome and The Singing Forest have garnered worse overall review scores. It should be noted that Matacritic's database consists of mainly of more recent releases (virtually every film since the beginning of 1999). 88 Minutes stars Al Pacino as Dr. Jack Gramm, an FBI forensic psychiatrist who has... wait for it... 88 minutes to solve his own murder. I know, sounds like one hell of a story...'s Low Scores

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film is getting a 14% on the tomatoemeter. It should be noted that Rotten Tomatoes allows a larger amount of non-print critics into their tomatoemeter group of critics, and that Metacritic rates each review on a sliding 100 point scale, while RT uses a thumbs up or thumbs down approach. So if I understnad this correctly, the 2% on Metacritic is the overall average critic rating for the movie, and the 14% on Rotten Tomatoes is the percentage of critics that enjoyed the movie. And to be fair, both of these numbers will likely improve as more and more critics are tallied into both respective rating systems. Or at least the producers of 88 Minutes would hope...

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via: Defamer