The Incredible Hulk Movie Poster

The Incredible Hulk Poster

Paramount just released this new one-sheet for The Incredible Hulk, the increasingly gossiped over Marvel Studios reboot opening June 13th. The first sentence in a recent NY Times article on the movie's "desperate" need to become a hit was: "Bad Buzz." Wow. This poster on the other hand, featuring a shoe-gazing, denim-loving Edward Norton/Bruce Banner and the looming back of The Hulk, is not bad, above average even. Look at those tiny army tanks. Man in suit?

Still, such a poster would have worked better the first go around, but after Ang Lee's flick, TIH's marketing needs a fantastic hook to get audiences to line up. Something semi-ridiculous like Hulk vs MEG would have had people forgetting their troubles and spilling popcorn as they screamed "Dude" in three languages. Instead, Marvel's placing their chips on a rumored 25-minute fight outside The Apollo. Good enough?

Non-watermarked poster image thanks to IMPAwards.