Early Iron Man Reviews

Iron Man has been screened, and reports have begun to leak to the web. So far most of the buzz is great to awesome. One Exhibitor, not a comic reader, called the movie "terrific."

"It is a thinking person's superhero film with more character development than special effects and action scenes (though there are plenty of those which are nicely balanced so we get involved in the story rather than bored by non-stop effects.). Downey is terrific...funny, smart and charming...and very buff. Paltrow seems right out of 60's superhero comics or Money Penny from early Bond: proper and subservient assistant who is smart below the surface and more than a little enamored of her boss. It should be a hit but 200 million is a long way to go when it is undercut in subsequent weeks by more blockbusters." [via: Thompson on Hollywood]

Over at AICN, El Jokalzo says he was "absolutely blown away by the sheer awesomeness" calling Iron Man "by far one of the best Marvel movies made so far". Vyruzz says the computer effects are "flawless" and that the movie is "one of the best superherofilms I've seen for a long time, yet alone an actionfilm. It's a perfect adaptaion from the comicbooks". And Pregnant Man says that Jon Favreau "brought a level of authorship to iron man which chris nolan has to batman, sam raimi did to spidey and bryan singer brought to x-men."

But it's not all positive, Hung Lo found major problems which prevent "this film that keep it from being one of the best comic book films ever":

  • The Pacing ("In parts I was starting to get bored")
  • Lack of a Musical Score
  • No unexpected action sequences ("EVERY cool action scene in the film was given away in the trailers and clips online")
  • and the construction of the suit ("He just tells his computer to make if for him and it tells him it will be ready in 5 hours").
  • He does however call the movie "fun" and admits that Robert Downey Jr. is "perfectly cast" as Tony Stark. Overall he admits it's "still better than Spiderman 3, Superman Returns and X3 combined". Hmmm not a ringing endorsement, but it seems like everyone else really loved the movie. You can read the full reviews (which include spoilers) over on Aint it Cool.