Tropic Thunder To Feature Fake Movie Trailers

An exhibitor who has seen a small portion of Tropic Thunder reveals that the new Ben Stiller film will actually feature three fake movie trailer (ala Grindhouse). The one he had the chance to see, called Satan's Alley, opened with the Fox Searchlight logo and featured Robert Downey Jr. and Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire. Apparently the other two trailer will also have non Paramount logos, which is kinda interesting since the film was produced by DreamWorks/Paramount.

During the Tropic Thunder theatrical trailer, Ben Stiller's character Speedman is seen holding two huge guns (seen above) while delivering the line "Who Left The Fridge Open",  likely part of one of the other trailers. It's unclear if any of these movie trailers will play before the Dreamworks/Paramount logo opens the film, although that would be awesome if it did.

via: Anne Thompson