Artie Lange Quits The Howard Stern Show

Just a heads up, this is another non movie related post. I spend 70+ hours a week Blogging the Reel World, during which time I listen to 25+ hours of The Howard Stern Show on Siruis Satellite Radio. Like millions of others, it helps me get through the daily grind. I turned on the show this afternoon, and was shocked to hear a repeat from April 7th.

As it turns out, on today's show, self-destructive Stern sidekick, comedian and actor Artie Lange (Dirty Work, Beer League) got into a physical confrontation with his personal assistant Teddy, who he claimed was stealing money from him. After the altercation, Lange resigned which Stern accepted. "I Love You," Lange said to Howard as he left the studio.

Stern producer Gary Dell'Abate said that they managed to talk Artie down in the green room but the he was afraid while he was talking to him. Speculating about if Lange could return to the show, they might be putting future guests in jeopardy. The show usually replays throughout the day on channel Howard 100, but Stern himself decided to pull the replay from the rotation.

Artie Lange was seen getting onto a plane for show line-producer Jason Kaplan's bachelor party in Amsterdam. His assistant Teddy, also a friend of Kaplan, was also on the plane, but traveling separately. No one knows the future of Lange on the Stern show.

Artie's breakdown has turned up on YouTube:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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