Rumor: Controversial Joker Scene(s) In The Dark Knight Being Cut

Cinema Blend recieved a tip via a friend who tells them that execs at Warner Bros. are considering cutting a rather unsettling and meta scene from The Dark Knight featuring The Joker due to Heath Ledger's unfortunate passing. The source says the scene is not playing well with test audiences. Read on if you want to know the scene, nothing too spoilerish in such limited context. And keep in mind this is just a rumor.

The scene involves The Joker pretending to be dead inside a body bag. If true, I'm not going to jump at the decision just yet. Usually I'd rail against it, but to me, this is a matter of taste/respect and while Christopher Nolan's grim vision should remain intact along with the performance that Ledger will be most remembered for, maybe it's just a bit much. Wow, this might be the first time I've camped out with the "too sooners." The scene could always be permanently restored on the DVD. How do you all feel about it?

UPDATE: Slashfilm reader consensus seems to be "leave it" and "don't be such a girly man, girly men!" :'(