Quarantine Movie Trailer

Screen Gems has released the movie trailer for Quarantine online. If you remember, last month we posted two viral videos which featured tape of a government shooting that happened on March 11th under the title Case 1017. It turned out that these virals were part of the viral marketing campaign for Quarantine, John Dowdle's American remake of Spanish horror film [rec]. The film follows a TV news crew which gets trapped with a hazmat crew in a CDC quarantined apartment building which has been infected by something unknown. When the quarantine is eventually lifted, the only evidence of what happened is the news crew's videotape (ala Cloverfield). The movie stars Jennifer Carpenter (pictured above), who I absolutely fell in love with from the hit television show Dexter (she plays Dexter's foul mouthed almost always inappropriate sister Debra Morgan).

Check out the trailer after the jump. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Quarantine hits theaters on October 17th 2008.