Uwe Boll Claims He Is "The Only Genius In The Whole F'N Business"

This weekend, we posted a story on how Uwe Boll, the "filmmaker" responsible for some of the worst video game movies in recent history, promised to stop making films if one million people signed a petition against him. At the time we posted the story, the petition only had 16,000 signatures. I'm happy to report that our posting was picked up by websites across the interwebs, and the petition now has over 127,000 signatures! So we're one eighth of the way there.

Uwe Boll is starting to feel the pressure and has released a video statement demanding that his fans start a pro-Boll petition, which he expects a million signatures to counter the Stop Uwe Boll petition.

"Look, I'm not a F**king retard like Michael Bay or other people running around in the business... or Eli Roth making the same shitty movies over and over again. If you really look in my movies you will see my real genius," Boll said in a video statement. "You have to really wake up and see me what I am, the only genius in the whole f**king business."

I kid you not, he actually said that. You can watch for yourself in the video after the jump. Sometimes I wonder if Boll is actually this ignorant, or if he's doing an act for his critics.

Also worth noting, Eli Roth responded to Boll's negative comment against him, calling it the "greatest compliment ever."

If you haven't already, sign the petition to Stop Uwe Boll at this link. Watch the video after the jump.