Dark Knight Viral: You Are Commissioner Gordon's April Fools

All of the bowling ball packages have been picked up at locations around the world, and the Clown Travel Agency now directs us to a directory called "delos" on the Acme Security Systems website (www.acmesecuritysystems.com/delos), where you are asked to enter your e-mail address and phone number for voice authorization, using the code word needle.


Moments later you'll get a phone call Commissioner Jim Gordon (played by Gary Oldman), who explains it was all a trick to set you up. You can either help the Gotham Police Department, or go to jail for conspiracy to commit a criminal act. /Film Reader Morgan W sent in audio of the phone call.

acme wait

The Acme Security website begins flashing red with the words "Identity Captured", with your name, IP, and e-mail address all been logged as evidence.

Identity Captured