Huge News Day 2008

Every year there is one day that all the major, almost unbelievable news stories break. Today seems to be that day. There are so many huge announcements, and crazy leaks happening that we just can't cover them all. So I've decided, like last year, to compile a list of links to the huge entertainment stories that have broke today. If you don't see something listed below, please leave the url in the comments and I'll be sure to add it to our continuing coverage of HUGE News Day 2008.IESB reporter Hugh Jass has the big scoop on the title of X-Files 2. Fox wanted "X-Files: Curse of the Werepeople" but Chris Carter was holding out for "X-Files: Full Moon Rising."JoBlo broke the news that Jake Gyllenhaal will be replacing Tobey Maguire in the next Spider-Man movie./Film reports that the Siegel family have signed on with Marvel Studios to make a 3D Superman vs. Spider-man movie to the big screen in 2012, directed by Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and a computer generated Christopher Reeve.

Illegal Movie Torrent Website The Surf Channel has gotten their hands on an early work print of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Cinematical has breaking news that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh have signed on to star in a Justice League of American movie.

Bloody Disgusting reveals Steven Spielberg's plan to remake 'Duel' and possibly 'Jaws'?!

ComicBookMovie reports that Hugh Jackman will make a cameo as Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk.BD also has the scoop on Tyler Perry's decision to tackle the horror film genre.

Moviehole reports that Harrison Ford will return as Han Solo and that Colin Farrell has signed on to star in a remake of Once.

Screenrant reports that Iron Man will get early April Release Dates after all.Ropes of Silicon have the poster premiere for Art House Movie: There Will Be Farts.

Dark Horizons have a bunch of stories: A "Departed" TV series with Scorsese and "The Wire" creator David Simon producing, Benning to play Hilary Clinton and Will Smith as Barack Obama in liver Stone's "W", Lost beach set washed away, Quantum of Solace title ditched, Heather Mills in Pirates 4, Paul Thomas Anderson does spy thriller "Horse Under Water", Platinum Dunes to remake The Exorcist, Zac Efron & Miley Cyrus Join "Step Up 4 Your Rights".

FilmDrunk reports that Benicio Del Toro has left the cast of Joe Johnston's Wolf Man, and has been replaces with Gary Busey.Giant Freakin Robot is reporting that the Cloverfield Monster will appear in Transformers 2.The reports that Indiana Jones 4 will be released in 3D!CloverfieldClues reports that Brad be directing a computer animated Cloverfield sequel.IGN has the premiere of the Legend of Zelda movie trailer.