Jason Segel Reveals Plot Of The New Muppet Movie

When it was announced that Jason Segel and Nick Stoller had signed on to develop a new Muppet movie, I was really excited. Details were unavailable, all we had to go on was the promise that Segel wanted to return to the Muppet roots, a call back to the original Muppet films ("I've just grown a little disappointed with 'Muppets in the Old West,' 'Muppets Under Water,' and all these weird concept movies. I just want to go take it back to the early 80'". My friend Devin at CHUD was able to squeeze out a few more plot details during the Forgetting Sarah Marshall Junket this weekend.

Apparently the original Muppet crew must gather together to put a show on to save an old theater. Possibly the original theater from The Muppet Show or maybe the Broadway Theater from The Muppets Take Manhattan? (probably less likely). Apparently an evil character wants to tear the place down to get to the oil underneath. Apparently said evil character has not seen There Will Be Blood, and doesn't understand the concept of "DRAINAGE!!!!" Sounds like an interesting idea to me. At least it's not going to be another lame classic story brought to life with Muppets.