Dark Knight Viral Updates: Harvey Dent Smeared; The Joker On April Fools

/Film reader Addict sent us word that he received another phone call from Harvey Dent, as part of the continuing viral campaign for The Dark Knight. Here is what Harvey's message said:

"Hello, this is Harvey Dent. Weeks ago, I asked for your support... Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham have started a smear campaign against me.  Their claims are absolutely untrue, and while their lies show just how nervous my campaign makes the criminals and the corrupt, their attacks can destroy our chances of taking Gotham back.  So I ask you, help me unmask these forces behind this deceit; help me prove these charges false.  Time is running out.  Please go to ibelieveinharveydent.com and find out how you can fight back, stand up for what's right, and reclaim our city. Thank you."

Addict says that the message directs you to go to IBIHD.com. This also leads to some new sites, like ccfabg.org – Concerned Citizens For A Better Gotham, which is running a smear campaign against Harvey Dent. Check out the hillarious video on the site. The bottom of the page mentions that Joseph Candoloro, Esquire, is the founder of Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham. Candoloro owns a certified Family Law firm in Gotham City. You can find his official website at: josephcandoloro.com.


Dent also reveals that he will be at Gotham Community Center #12 at 3:00pm on Tuesday. Looks like we're getting something new then. But that's not all... The Joker phones that came in the cakes have begun ringing again, and here is a transcript of one of the phone calls according to Hollywood Chicago:

 "Hey clown, ready to get to work? (I replied "yes".) Ok, good. You are 1 of 17 clowns still left in the game (remember, there were 22 phones initially) I have a letter for you. Here is your secret letter... are you ready for it? Your secret letter is "L" as in "Laugh". Can you remember that? Good. Now get to work and tell all of your goons. We'll be in touch soon."

All of the letters added up into an anagram, which was decoded into a new Joker viral website – Clown Travel Agency at www.clowntravelagency.com. Looks like The Joker has an April Fools Day treat planned.