Cool Stuff: Operation Hulk

When I was a kid, I always hated the game of Operation. Maybe because I just suck at handling delicate tasks without shaking. Plus that opperation guy was just creepy if you think about it, laying on the table with that weird look waiting for little kids to touch him. But I probably would have liked the game a whole lot more if it featured my favorite comic book superheroes. Hasbro has announced a new Operation Hulk edition.

"Can you fix Hulk up without setting him off? Toxic Gas, Betty Butterflies and other ailments are really getting under Hulk's green skin. He's your patient, so grab your tweezers! Are you skillful and brave enough to make him better without making him mad? Earn money by successfully removing funatomy parts. But don't set off the buzzer, or Hulk's eyes will glow green and he'll howl and growl. When the parts are out and Hulk is healed, the richest doctor wins!"

Operation Hulk is coming soon to a Toys R Us near you.

Operation Hulk

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via: Toyology