50-Year-Old Nerd Reviews Star Wars

Last month we posted a video of a three year old's hilarious review of Star Wars, which went on to take over the interwebs. Today we bring you a follow-up, a 50-year-old nerd's video review of Star Wars.

[flv:http://media2.slashfilm.com/slashfilm/trailers/50yearoldstarwars.flv 460 346]

You might recognize Toby Radloff, because he's actually the world's most famous nerd. He's probably most known as the real life nerd friend of comic artist Harvey Pekar, and was featured in the 2003 film American Splendor (Judah Friedlander played the fictional version of Toby in that film). Radloff was also the star of Killer Nerd, the sequel Bride of the Killer Nerd in the early 1990's, and was the subject of a 2006 documentary Genuine Nerd.